Born in NY and raised in Puerto Rico from age seven, Sandy grew up in the country, surrounded by nature. As an only child, she found much amusement in playing music, writing and sketching.  Her mother would buy her art supplies instead of games or toys.  Sandy studied fine arts at the University of Puerto Rico with a concentration in sculpture while she worked designing and creating window displays for the Benetton retail stores throughout the island. 

Living in Florida with her husband and three children, Sandy works as a part time caregiver and wildlife rehabilitator. She is able to dedicate time to her family and recycle her creative energy into works of art.


Learning to work with glass as a medium was like reuniting with a loved one, finding a steady branch to explore and enjoy.

Practicing basic stained glass techniques, I wanted to create something different.  And so I decided to stay away from the conventional flat pieces and pattern projects, defying unexplained "rules" and allowing glorious mistakes to guide me to another level, as in Life itself.  This has allowed me to roam Free, welcoming endless Inspiration.

About the Artist
© 2014 Sandra Z. Duran-FIREFLYHALU™



Firefly (fir'fli) n.  A small winged beetle which gives forth an intermittene luminouse glow in
the darkness.

Halu:  The Reiki symbol of truth, love and beauty.  Halu is used to disperse all the
negative elements inside a persons body, mind and spirit.